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soumili Keyboard

Soumili Keyboard

Excellent typing keyboard software for Bengali, Assamese and Hindi language in one package for PC.

Best for DTP, Weeding/ Marriage Card Writing, Book Compose, Design, Editing many more.

Usable direct typing in any apps like for Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office as your required. No need to copy-paste.

Huge beautiful fonts in verious style and in scprip type.

Easy to use in your regular keyboard and your own keyboard layouts.

No limit to use more keyboard layouts and fonts.

Licence valid as long as your PC alive.

Soumili TouchKey
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[2014-08-28] Cannot install NP fonts in windows 7
Atanu : I am a new user... When I am trying to install NP bengali and Assamese fonts in windows 7, it says please install associate pfm file... But i select both pfb and pfm file.... Please can someone tell me how to install pfm and pfb file in windows 7 or 8. There is no problem in unicode fonts...
Atanu : আমার খুব প্রয়োজন !!!! যদি কেউ সাহায্য করেন, তাহলে খুব উপকার হয়.......
Sougata Sundar : For installing NP fonts do this steps. 1) store NP font folder in any hard disk drive, 2) list contain fonts by type, all pfb and pfm will be seperate, 3) select all pfm files [ icon likes caps A], 4) mouse right click and install.
Sougata Sundar : pfb এবং pfm file একসঙ্গে রেখে pfm file install করলেই ফন্ট ইনস্টল হবে৷ pfm file-এর উপর মাউসের right ক্লিক করলে install option আসবে৷

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