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soumili Keyboard

Soumili Keyboard

Excellent typing keyboard software for Bengali, Assamese and Hindi language in one package for PC.

Best for DTP, Weeding/ Marriage Card Writing, Book Compose, Design, Editing many more.

Usable direct typing in any apps like for Photoshop, CorelDraw, Pagemaker, Premiere, InDesign, MS-Office as your required. No need to copy-paste.

Huge beautiful fonts in verious style and in scprip type.

Easy to use in your regular keyboard and your own keyboard layouts.

No limit to use more keyboard layouts and fonts.

Licence valid as long as your PC alive.

Soumili TouchKey
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Re-Activation Process of Soumili Bengali Typing Software

When you buy Soumili Bangla Pro you will get one License for generate Activation Code

After Format your Computer you can Re-Activate Soumili Bangla Pro by using Activation Code.

Follow the step below.

01. Install Soumili Bangla Pro you will get Soumili Bangla icon on you Desktop

02. Confirm you Computer Name as mentioned in Activation file or which you fixed on first time activation.

03.Run Soumili Bangls Pro from Desktop and you will get welcome screen

04. Click on Enter License Key then another window will be open for entering License Key which you have.

05. Enter your License key in the box and click on manual activation then you will another window

06. Now Open you activation file which you generate first time at the activation

07. Select All Contain of the file by Pressing Ctrl+A and then copy to Clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C.

08. Open Manual Activation window again and click on (2. Load Activation Response) From Clipboard

You have complete the Activation.

If not get Successfull message i.e. your Computer name not match which is fixed at the time of first time activation

If you don't remember the previous computer name, don't worried. send activation code file to and ask the Computer name. We will send the Computer Name, which was recorded.

Follow the computer name change process and Restart your Computer.

Now again follow the Re-Activation Process.

N.B. if Hardware has been change the Activation Code will not work. Then your PC name and generate anothr Activation Code.

Click Soumili Keyboard Layout Software to purchase license online.

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